Cannabigerol Cannabinoid

Explore the unique benefits and uses of CBG, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with potential health properties.


CBN Cannabinol

Explore the properties and legal status of Cannabinol (CBN), a mildly psychoactive component of cannabis.


CBD - Cannabidiol

Explore CBD’s benefits, uses, and legal status in our comprehensive guide to Cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabis compound.

Humulene Terpene Information

Humulene Terpene

Explore humulene’s earthy flavour and its potential for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects in our detailed guide.

Nerolidol Terpene Information

Nerolidol Terpene

Discover nerolidol’s calming scent and health benefits. Used in perfumes and medical treatments, it’s versatile and effective.

Ocimene Terpene Information

Ocimene Terpene

Ocimene is a terpene with a citrusy aroma known for its uplifting and therapeutic benefits. Learn its sources and uses.

Pinene Terpene Information

Pinene Terpene

Pinene is a pine-scented terpene known for its anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator properties in various applications

Pulegone Terpene Information

Pulegone Terpene

Pulegone is a minty terpene with a cooling aroma found in peppermint and cannabis. Learn more about this terpene.

Sabinene Terpene Information

Sabinene Terpene

Aroma and Flavour Sabinene is known for its spicy, citrusy, and slightly woody aroma. It adds a complex, robust scent to essential oils and is noted for its refreshing qualities. This makes sabinene a popular ingredient in the fragrance and flavour industries, enhancing everything from perfumes to culinary dishes with its unique scent profile. Therapeutic […]