Use our Eligibility Checker Quiz below to discover whether you can apply for Medical Cannabis straight away, or whether further steps are required before you can become a UK Cannabis patient.


Has your GP prescribed you medication for your condition?

Did the first medication your GP prescribed improve your condition?

Did the second medication (if any) improve your condition?

Have you ever been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, or a similar mental health condition?

Medical Cannabis Patient Eligibility Checker
Potential Candidate for Medical Cannabis
Congratulations on completing the quiz. Based on your responses, it seems you may be a potential candidate for medical cannabis treatment in the UK. This conclusion is drawn from your experience with at least two forms of medication that have not successfully managed your condition. Here are your next steps: Obtain Your Medical Records: Secure a copy of your Summary Care Record (SCR) from your GP, focusing on the period that documents your treatment attempts. This record is crucial for the next phase of consultation. Consult a Cannabis Clinic: Contact a licensed cannabis clinic in the UK to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to discuss your medical history and treatment attempts in detail. The clinic may request your SCR to understand your case better. Attend Your Appointment: During your consultation, a specialist will evaluate your medical needs and determine whether medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment option for you. Remember, the path to accessing medical cannabis is guided by professional medical advice and adherence to UK regulations.
Further Steps Required
Thank you for taking the time to complete our quiz. Based on your responses, it appears that you would not yet qualify for medical cannabis treatment in the UK. This outcome is typically because there may still be other treatment options to explore under the guidance of your GP. Consider the following actions: - Review Your Treatment Plan: If you haven’t already, discuss alternative treatments with your GP. There may be other medications or therapies that could effectively manage your condition. - Monitor Your Condition: Keep a detailed record of any treatments you try, noting their effects and any side effects. This information is valuable for your doctor to tailor your treatment plan. - Follow-Up Appointments: Regularly review your condition and treatment effectiveness with your GP. If you exhaust a 2nd treatment option without success, you may become eligible for medical cannabis. We understand that navigating health treatments can be challenging, and we encourage you to maintain open communication with your GP first to find the best path forward for your condition.
You May Not Need Medical Cannabis Treatment
Based on your quiz responses, it appears that your condition has responded well to the treatments you've tried so far. This is good news, as it suggests that you might not need to consider medical cannabis at this time. Managing your health with the guidance of your GP and continuing with your current treatment plan seems to be effective for you. Here's what you can consider next: Continue Your Current Treatment: Stick with the treatments that are working for you, under the ongoing supervision of your GP. Regular Check-ups: Keep in regular contact with your GP to monitor your condition and any changes in your symptoms or the effectiveness of your treatment. Stay Informed: Stay updated on new treatments and discuss any concerns or questions with your GP during your appointments. It's important to continue following the advice of healthcare professionals and to have regular check-ups to ensure the best management of your condition.
Your Health Condition Might Affect Eligibility
Thank you for completing our quiz. Based on your answer, it appears you have a diagnosed mental health condition that might impact your eligibility for medical cannabis treatment in the UK. Conditions like Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, Psychosis, or Schizophrenia require careful consideration before proceeding with medical cannabis due to potential interactions and the sensitive nature of these conditions. Here’s what you can do next: Consult Your GP: It’s important to discuss your condition and treatment options with your GP, who understands your medical history and can provide personalized advice. Seek Specialized Advice: Consider consulting a mental health specialist who can offer guidance tailored to your specific condition and treatment needs. Stay Informed: Keep yourself informed about any changes in medical cannabis regulations or research related to your condition. We encourage open dialogue with healthcare professionals to find the most suitable path forward for your health and wellbeing.

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