Humulene Terpene Information

Humulene Terpene

Explore humulene’s earthy flavour and its potential for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects in our detailed guide.

Myrcene Terpene Information

Myrcene Terpene

Explore the wonders of Myrcene, the earthy and spicy terpene known for its therapeutic effects, found in cannabis, hops, and tropical fruits.

Modified Gas

Modified Gas Strain

Modified Gas is a potent Indica-dominant strain known for its unique gassy taste and powerful effects, making it a popular choice for patients in the UK.

Gelato 33

Gelato 33 Strain

Background Gelato 33 is a visually striking hybrid strain known for its potent effects and complex flavour profile, making it a preferred choice for medical patients. Its combination of therapeutic benefits, captivating aromas, and rich flavours make this CBPM a popular choice for patients. Bag Appeal Gelato 33 is distinguished by its dark green buds, […]